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The cast of Incident at Raven's Gate included long-term Australian stage and screen actor Max Cullen , as a policeman, and Terry Camilleri as an astrophysicist attached to Special Branch , investigating unexplained radar signals in a remote South Australian country town. On a farming property called Raven's Gate, enthusiastic hydroponicist Richard Cleary Ritchie Singer is trying innovative farming practices. He is also trying to accommodate his brother Eddie Steven Vidler , newly out of gaol and more interested in Richard's wife Rachel Celine Griffin [2] than in working on the property.

Strange events on the property and a minor crime in the town attract policeman Taylor Max Cullen and Special Branch investigator Cummings Terry Camilleri.

Eddie has the misfortune to also cross local cop Skinner Vincent Gil , by dating the target of his affections, barmaid Annie Saturday Rosenberg. Tensions in personal relationships and mysterious events bird kills, disappearing water supplies build to a climax that sees Raven's Gate assaulted by an alien force, and a number of deaths amongst the protagonists. The film is part thriller, part science fiction, and part psychological drama. The movie was shot on location in South Australia. The movie achieved only limited release and did not receive the critical acclaim of many other de Heer films.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. During spring and fall, the Raven Rocks ft wall is a favorite spot with local rock climbers.

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To return retrace your route south. Adhere to the No Parking signs. Raven Rocks - Bluemont, Virginia. Hiking Time: Elev. Gain: Links: Resources:. After crossing VA 7 the trailhead parking and A. Mile 5. Find Out Here.

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  4. Packers fall to Ravens, 26-13.

Review the Raven Rocks hike here! This is one of my favorites. Much like a lot of the AT in Virginia, it's a standard hike through the forest with a nice payoff at the end. A friend who accompanied me said it was a bit of a boring hike and not variable enough, but it suits me just fine! Not a very large overlook, and sometimes crowded on nice weekend days. Unless you come before 8 AM on the weekends, the small parking lot will be full and you will need to park in the lot on the other side of 7, about. The description says this hike has 3 strenuous ascents, but the only one that I find real challenging is the second uphill, between the 2 creekbed crossings.

I've done this hike times over the last few months, and I still get a bit fatigued there, especially when carrying a full pack.

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The way back is infinitely easier with pretty gentle downhills and some jaunty little switchbacks. For the person who said they saw snakes--I've never seen one in all the times I've been on this trail.

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Some birds, deer, etc But lots of rocks. The only thing your ankles are really in danger of here is a sprain, so wear your good hiking boots.

The Ravens Crossing: Book Two

I've done this one several times and continue to enjoy it, even in the pouring rain. Parking - I like specific info on parking, so trailhead parking is at the corner of Rt. The commuter lot is across Rt. The hike immediately puts you into the forest and the traffic sounds from Rt. However this is a heavily traveled trail and groups of hikers tended to be noisy.

The hike is extremely rocky, not small pebbles but large rocks that you have to step upon carefully. Some areas are very steep but usually not for long. The trail is well marked with white blazes and is easy to follow. A lot of people brought their dogs but all of the dogs I saw really seemed to be working hard on this trail. All were panting hard and the ground really looks rough and jagged for paws.

The Ravens Crossing, Book Two

I would really think twice about bringing a dog on a hike for this reason. The weather was in the low to mid 80s with low humidity. This was a challenging half day hike that I would do again. We've had Raven Rock on our radar for awhile but after reading reviews about the abundance of snakes, knew we needed to wait until winter.

We headed out today, with all 4 kids in tow. I carried the 8mo on my back and my husband had the 3 year old in a pack on his back for most of the hike. My 6 and 4. I should clarify that we've been hiking with them since our oldest was 4mo and they're pretty killer hikers, havi ng tackled Big schloss twice, countless shorter hikes, Glen Ochno Falls. This hike was far from the most technical one we've ever tackled but it was challenging. Its 6mi of straight ascends and descends. There's almost never flat.

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Lots of switch backs and almost all rocks though they aren't loose, which is nice. For the effort, the views are just OK. The shorter, much easier hike of Weverton Gap and Big schloss are much more "worth it".

The Ravens Crossing, Book Two The Ravens Crossing, Book Two
The Ravens Crossing, Book Two The Ravens Crossing, Book Two
The Ravens Crossing, Book Two The Ravens Crossing, Book Two
The Ravens Crossing, Book Two The Ravens Crossing, Book Two
The Ravens Crossing, Book Two The Ravens Crossing, Book Two
The Ravens Crossing, Book Two The Ravens Crossing, Book Two

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