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The ladies all seem to be in a good place with each other. It is the guys that will be a problem. Is she off somewhere running […]. It feels like I just wrote a Southern Charm Recap, and yet, here we are again. Especially because the bitch is back in this episode. Nevertheless, I shall persist. We start at Meeting Street Inn.

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It showed the 8 pm glorified rerun as the only new show. So I fully enjoyed a long night of Big Brother. I shall endeavor to watch this episode with very low expectations. It is too hot to think too much. We will be poised at the edge of our seats a bit […]. Based solely on the title, I predict this episode is going to suck donkey balls.

On the RV trip from hell, the guys wake up to a campsite strewn with booze bottles and regrets. Thomas Ravenel continues to play dirty in his custody battle with Kathryn Dennis. His current modus operandi is to claim that all of the women in his life, including the nanny he allegedly sexually assaulted are sluts. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Thomas claims that Kathryn sent nude photos to three separate […].

First of all this show title is everything if you know about Charleston. But I am going to have to take a mental health day tonight. And I need a mental health day. So I hope you guys […].

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I hate to purple pen parts of a story published on another site, but I feel it is the only way I can weigh in on the latest reports by doing so. Thomas Ravel is off the rails. Apparently, the child custody judge is on his payroll. I am quite fond of The Blast, so […]. Tonight is the roughest night of the for recaps. Also, I have deliberating if I needed to go to urgent care today.

Well, first of all my DVR just decided not to record despite the fact I double checked it tonight. We start […]. This may be more of a discussion post than a Southern Charm recap. There is a lot going on in the ghetto. Apologies in advance […]. Back when Southern Charm first started, I said I would never watch the show.

Because of Thomas Ravenel. Charleston is my favorite city in the world. I lived there very briefly as a child around age six. It was something to do with our move to Libya.

Patricia Altschul's 10 Best Moments On Southern Charm - Bravo

Perhaps visa training for my dad. All of […]. I briefly mentioned that in one of my weekend update posts. It was just ridiculous. I do not need this in my life. Thomas was there […]. His attorneys are given full freedom to […].

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However, Thomas Ravenel is working so hard to intertwine the two cases that apparently that day may never come. In the meantime I get questions and information on both every day.

So here is a very […]. Patricia Altschul has filed a lawsuit against K. Cooper Ray accusing him of libel and slander. Tamara Tattles has heard for several months about the ongoing feud between K. Cooper Ray and Patricia Altschul. Basically, K. Cooper Ray and Patricia Altschul had a falling just after his last season on the show.

My understanding of […]. When the Southern Charm season trailer came out last week, you guys had a few questions. Southern Charm is complete and in the pipeline and all ready to come to us on May 15th! But there are some surprises in trailer. Let me purple […]. Thomas Ravenel has decided to take a personal inventory of his life, admit he is powerless over his life and begin to make amends to those he has hurt and become a better person. April Fools! Thomas Ravenel is a fucking moron who is doing lots of fucking moron things and it is […].

While Kroll's job doesn't make him rich like some of his castmates, he's currently working on his own beer company , so the sky's the limit.

‘Southern Charm’ star Shep Rose admits mocking woman collecting cans was a ‘bad idea’

Apparently, Kroll's cheddar has no effect on his swagger. According to Glamour , the high-profile pair quickly became one of reality TV's most hated couples, in no small part because of Ravenel's sexual assault allegations. Jacobs, who appeared without her beau during a reunion special, told host Andy Cohen the allegations were "all hearsay. Though Jacobs' net worth is unclear, Romper reports that she worked as a nurse in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Jacobs has also freelanced as a model, which doesn't seem like a bad side gig. In other words, if she's smart with her money, she should be just fine. In an interview with Decider , Conover talked about his plans for the brand, which will reportedly sell throw pillows, custom onesies and "anything else you would want to embroider. He's got his own company called Apex Principles and worked as a litigation assistant and in the pharmaceutical division of Anastopoulo Law Firm, according to his LinkedIn page. In a move that shocked longtime fans of the series, Conover eventually did finish his degree and pass the bar exam — well done!

Will he be the next Martha Stewart?

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Only time will tell. Naomie Olindo finally pulled the plug on her relationship with Craig Conover after questioning his sewing-related business endeavors c'mon, you're mad over a throw pillow? In an interview with Decider , Olinda says she graduated from a finance-focused MBA program in July and launched her own business, which appears to be a clothing line called L'abeye.

According to Romper , the star used to work in real estate and also helped with the opening of her family's Charleston-based restaurant called Nico. Her family also reportedly owns several restaurants in France, by the way. From the looks of it, Kathryn Dennis doesn't really have a lot of professional endeavors going on outside of being a mother to Thomas Ravenel's children.

Then again, do you really need a second career if you can collect a decent paycheck hawking diet shakes on Instagram to your more than , followers? According to Bravo , Dennis is related to John C. Her grandfather is Rembert Dennis, who served as a legislator in the South Carolina senate from to She's basically Southern royalty. Chelsea Meissner has appeared on Southern Charm since , but she became a main cast member in Season 5, according to E! According to Bravo , Meissner started her career in medical sales before taking a year off to travel and eventually become a hairdresser.

On top of her reality TV earnings, Meissner stands to make a pretty penny on brand partnerships.

Savannah and Charleston Vacation Packages | Tours of the South

She's already working with Pepsi , and considering fellow Bravo reality star Lisa Rinna has apparently raking in thousands on social media product placement , everything adds up! Cameran Eubanks follows the trend of the Bravo real estate moguls that came before her, and if you know anything about the network, you know there are plenty.

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Eubanks has had a rich career in reality TV.

Southern Charms Southern Charms
Southern Charms Southern Charms
Southern Charms Southern Charms
Southern Charms Southern Charms
Southern Charms Southern Charms
Southern Charms Southern Charms
Southern Charms Southern Charms
Southern Charms Southern Charms

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