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Because of the Gral -the forbidden fruit par excellence- man will know that he is Eternal, that he has a Divine Spirit chained to the matter; that comes from a World impossible to imagining in the terrestrial Hell, but for which he feels nostalgia and to which he longs to return.

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There it is his foremost crime. His Ministers, the Demons of Chang Shamballah, will be the ones in charge of executing the punishment by exacting retribution in a currency called: pain and suffering. The Demiurge has built the Universe by imitating a clumsy and deformed image of the True Worlds. But neither the substance was the proper one, nor was the Architect qualified for the task, and on top of that, it should be considered the perverse purpose of reigning as the God of the work, in the likeness of?

The result is evident: a malicious and insane Hell in which, a long time after its creation and by a Mystery of A-mort, countless Eternal Spirits were enslaved, chained to matter and subjected to the evolution of life. But it is in the different parts of His Work where the hallucinated persistence in imitating, repeating and copying is noticed. Needless of further examples, it can be asserted that the overwhelming multiplicity of forms of the real is just an illusion resulting from the crossing, intersection, combination, etc.

In fact, the Universe has been made from different limited elements, no more than twenty-two, that bear, through infinite combinations, all existing forms. The Way of Strategic Opposition uses the archemonic technique, that is to say, it places an Archemona, or Strategic Enclosure, and a lapis oppositionis outside the enclosure, in the fenestra infernalis that faces the Valplads. By applying the law of enclosure to Archemona, it is possible to isolate Valplads field, that is, to liberate an area in the World of the Demiurge.

But this is not enough: it is necessary for the Initiates to desynchronize themselves from Worldly Time and generate their own inverted time that may allow them to head towards the Origin. To that end, they practice the Strategic Opposition against the lapis oppositionis which are located on a Rune in the Valplads, in front of the fenestra infernalis. It will be difficult for anyone to imagine the marvelous scene of the Gral descending to the seven hells.

Yes, because since the Gral settled down on the Vruna of Oricalco, the Tree of Science remains planted for those who, completely confused, lived in Hell thinking they were living in a Paradise. From now on, they could eat from its fruit and their eyes would be opened! Alleluia for Kristos Lucifer, the Serpent of Paradise! Alleluia for those who have eaten from the forbidden Fruit: the awaking and transmuted men! I understood the meaning of the Tirodinguiburr Sign. And this comprehension gave me the Highest Level of the Hyperborean Wisdom. It was the Eternal Spirit who was breaking free and isolating Itself, as never before, from the Illusion of the Created Forms!

Yes, my own Spirit, fixed and planted as a menhir that remains and emerges in the temporal flow of the Soul, all of the sudden was hold to the Origin, in Its eternal and infinite moment! I already learnt everything! I had returned to the Origin, I had broken free from the chaining of the Matter and had understood the reason of the Fall!

Fragments Of A Late Gnostic Poem Of The Twelfth Century

Should I have wanted to, I would have been able to leave right there towards Hyperborea! But I could not do so; not for as long as the family mission was not accomplished; for as long as all of You remained here, amongst the Demons; not for as long as there was still the Final Battle to be fought against the Powers of the Matter!

Honor prevents me from leaving. Because the Spirit alone is Eternal! He who does not find his Spirit, will die of Final Death even though he believes to be Immortal. And the first to die will be the Souls that are Closer to the End in their search for chimerical and vain archetypical perfection. But those who follow the Messenger of the Lord of War will be Eternal!

For man, transmuted in Man of Stone, it is always possible to fight against the Demons and overcome. They will lead you in the right direction. Besides, they will grant you the Hyperborean Initiation; they will awaken you and will include you in the Strategy of the Final Battle. If he had to destroy, he would destroy!

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And then, as a definite consequence of having fought a battle against the Soul, and having prevailed, the Vision took place and I received the help I was searching for. The Spirit had to free Itself from the enchainment of evolving matter, had to isolate Itself from the law of evolution and had to start the Return to the Origin.

There it was the sought Truth. He has managed to form an important support group that makes it possible for him to develop his Strategy: with people coming from traditional esotericism, especially many who have understood that the Gnostic Church of Samael Aun Weor is one of many synarchic sects.

Fragments of a Lost Gnostic Poem of the 12th Century

Initiates of the Liberating Serpent! Followers of the Uncreated Light Serpent! Worshipers of the Avenger Serpent! Here is the Bearer of the Origin Sign! The one who can understand the Serpent with His Sign; the one who can obtain the Highest Wisdom that the Man of Mud could be made known!

We know that the Demiurge received other names along History. This element, called Spirit or Vril, is present in some men as a possibility of eternity. We know about It due to the Memory of Blood, but as long as we are not capable of freeing ourselves from the ties that bind us to the illusionary reality of the Demiurge, and go up the Returning Path to the Origin, we will not actually exist as Eternal individuals. From the miserable slavery condition of Jehovah-Satan, it is not possible to know God because He is absolutely transcendent. When talking about God, most of major religions refer to the Demiurge The One.

Thus, perceiving reality through a deceitful veil, one arrives to these concepts of a pantheistic, monist or trinitarian God that are just appearances of the Demiurge The One who brought order to the matter. On the contrary, for those who have the possibility of Being, the fight and the effort must focus on transcending this world of illusionary images and on perpetuating in eternity, in another plane of existence to where we can only have access if we wake up from the demoniac dream in which we are immersed.

Although many believe the contrary, their consciousness is dissolved by death, and nothing survives them. Eternity is only for a few men, for an Aristocracy of the Spirit, based on semidivine Heroes, on Supermen who, after a hard-fought battle against the Prince of this World, YHVH—Satan, transmute their inferior nature and win their place in the Valhala.

For the Spirit, there is no Created life or death but Illusion and, therefore, there is neither sin nor guilt, neither debts nor Karma to be paid.

A true Kshatriya is just he who has a heart as hard as the Stone and as cold as Ice; and only such a Kshatriya can perform any action, even killing, without being touched by Karma. And it is only through this knowledge -and not through faith or actions- that the individual may be saved. Firstly, you must be what you already are; you must return to the Beginning from where you have never left; you must recover the Paradise you have never lost.

When you solve this Mystery, by marching along the Labyrinth path and once you find your way out, you will be able to say I Am. But do not be afraid, you will not be abandoned; you will be charismatically led to the end.

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What can we say about a philosophy that questions all human existence with all of its Dogmas, Philosophies, Religions and Sciences, that attempts at changing the course of history, that sustains the possibility of transmutation of the semidivine man or virya into the immortal Siddha; that has declared war to the material powers of Jehovah Satan, owners of the World, of History and of most men?

Every man and woman you have seen here are sadhakas vamacharis. This explains why they are hated by the Gurus of Shamballah. History summoned the fittest men to fight against Evil. And we were the fittest! In a unique moment of History, we have raised the Eternal Banners. On every point of the real Space, there is a tiny globe or archetypal atom that symbolizes with precision the unity of Brahma, The Creator.

At the center of each atom, there is an eye with which The One contemplates Himself from all created things. That is why She is Avalokiteshvara, a Bodhisattva of Compassion.

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In this very place, in this moment, the Goddess dances the Dance of Life and her uncountable eyes look into your Hearts, looking for the warmth of Love! Kuan Yin wants to feel Your Hearts beating for Love towards the created things! She wants to see you shudder with compassion for the pain that strikes the life of man, the pain caused by those who leave the harmony of Universe and the Law of The One aside! She is the Mother of man-animal, of the pasus: Her Mercy will reach you and will warm your Heart with her Love, removing Cold and Hate and the hard ice!

A child conceived in the womb of the Infinite Blackness of Oneself! A child born in the broken vulva of the dead Heart of the pasu! It is an evil for which there is no redemption possible, not in this life or any other life in the Sripai Khorlo Wheel of Life. Oh, how ungrateful the one who thus chills his Heart towards his Mother and holds hate towards his Father!

But, above all evil, Kuan Yin has seen the one who can manifest the Naked Truth to the World, show the Forbidden and Intoxicating Beauty of the Enemy of men and spread the evil of Wisdom as an epidemic. The Naked Truth that Ganesha can exhibit to sleeping men will provoke in them a new and atrocious fall into the nothingness of the Uncreated.

They had a spiritual goal to attain; and they were in a diabolical world. If all existing beings and all the other created beings -though related with each other in space and time- are not strategically meaningful, they do not exist for the Spirit: they are Maya, Illusion. As an Initiate, you should know better. Have you, by any chance, forgotten that this is a War between the Spirit and the Powers of the Matter?

In the noologic Ethic of the Hyperborean Wisdom, we have demonstrated you the spiritual superiority of the Self above the Heart; we have taught you to control the Heart with the Self, we deprived you from feelings and we forged a new Heart of steel. As the Hyperborean Wisdom assures, the Created Soul is about to betray us because its substance is part of the Creator, is part of its Archetype in his image and likeness!

There I most certainly proved it: the Soul would always betray the Spirit, the Self, to favor the Will of the Demons that belong to the White Hierarchy, in which the One-Creator unfolds and chains himself to! The Creator God is nourished by a strength that is called human pain; and man generates pain and suffering to nourish the Creator of the Great Deceit.

I verified the power, the terrible power that a Hyperborean Initiate, a Man God, is able to show. By dominating the Hyperborean Wisdom, the Hyperborean Initiates reach the highest level of esoteric knowledge, the Science of the Runas, and attain terrible powers. This means that a double nature -divine and human- exists in him, as rightly stated by Gnostics in the first centuries of the present Era. What is the only way out for virya? What hopes of escaping from the insane Plans of the Demiurge and the Treacherous Siddhas can he cherish?

Gnostic Christianity: Hidden Messages in Golden Fragments – Kyla Merwin

In the Origin, beyond the stars, there was an Uncreated Light that could only be seen by the Spirit; that infinite light was imperceptible to the Soul. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Gnostic Fragments by Nimrod de Rosario.

Gnostic Fragments Gnostic Fragments
Gnostic Fragments Gnostic Fragments
Gnostic Fragments Gnostic Fragments
Gnostic Fragments Gnostic Fragments
Gnostic Fragments Gnostic Fragments
Gnostic Fragments Gnostic Fragments

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