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Drinkers of the Wind is an exciting story about adventure and life. I enjoyed reading the story.

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The main character Andrea grew and evolved through life experiences. Afghanistan seem to come to life, a good read. July 18, - Published on Amazon. This was a great book! I really enjoyed reading it. I got so involved in it that I couldn't put it down. It was a great love story. The long cannon bone is the weak link - that's where all the leverage is, the tendons and ligaments - that's where all the force is. A short back is stronger than a long back, a short cannon bone is stronger than a long cannon bone. At the same time, Archie won his first Arabian race as an owner in He became one of the founding members of the Arabian Jockey Club in the U.

He began breeding his mares to Sabson when they were finished racing; then, enamored with - or obsessed by - the Forta and Sabellina lines, he started acquiring broodmares with that breeding, and mating them with Sabson. But to get that close to Sabellina?

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I mean, like a granddaughter of Sabellina? And you're breeding her to a stallion that's got Sabellina in him? The validity of this mating nick at Drinkers of the Wind Arabians named after the book of the same name written in by Carl Raswan has not only produced some successful racehorses but some outstanding endurance horses. Nobody would know this better than Christoph Schork of Global Endurance Training Center in Utah, who in September of , was acknowledged as world record holder of the most first place finishes at endurance events.

Schork has ridden seven DWA horses since , to 69 first place finishes. DWA Sabku started on the racetrack, but he didn't take to it.

Carl Raswan

Endurance was where he belonged. Making his first endurance start as a 6-year-old, he competed over 12 seasons, finishing 69 of 74 rides, 17 of those first place finishes, 61 of them Top Ten. He completed 10 of 11 mile rides, and he might have won the Tevis in , if his rider Ali Khalfan from the UAE hadn't fallen off and broken his arm during the ride, and, still riding with a broken arm, if he hadn't gotten off the trail and lost for several miles. They still finished fifth. He is just 40 miles short of career miles.

Over 8 seasons, DWA Powerball has completed 71 of 74 starts, 2 of 3 's, has 35 1st place finishes, 64 Top Tens, 7 Best Conditions, and a total of miles. Over 8 seasons, DWA Millenium has completed 39 of 43 starts, 4 of 6 's including a Tevis , has 14 first places, 32 Top Tens, and a total of miles.

Both are still competing this year. Speed, soundness, toughness, and longevity - they don't come much more solid than that. Sabson died in at Drinkers of the Wind ranch at 29 years of age. Archie now uses two stallions on his ranch, DWA Ziffalat a sound, 4-season racehorse who traces back to Forta on his topside, and Forta and Sabellina on the damside and Moment of Valor a sound, 4-season racehorse; a son of Wiking, with Sabellina and double Forta on his damside.

Drinkers of the Wind

He's got frozen semen from several stallions, including Monarch AH "the Secretariat of Arabian racing", with 19 wins - 13 of them stakes races - in 23 starts, and who traces back to Sabellina and Forta on his topside , and Samsheik a 5-season racehorse tracing back to Forta and Sabellina through his sire Sambor - a full brother to Sabson. Despite retiring from piloting airliners in , and notwithstanding the number of Arabians of all ages that Archie owns on his ranch 56 or 57 when we counted, depending on the definition of "own" , Archie isn't much interested in riding.

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Drinkers of the Wind Drinkers of the Wind
Drinkers of the Wind Drinkers of the Wind
Drinkers of the Wind Drinkers of the Wind
Drinkers of the Wind Drinkers of the Wind
Drinkers of the Wind Drinkers of the Wind
Drinkers of the Wind Drinkers of the Wind
Drinkers of the Wind Drinkers of the Wind

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