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Java Interview Questions

Differentiate between Throw and Throws in Exception Handling. Throws clause is often followed by a class whilst throw clause is often followed by an instance. How will you find if two strings are same or not?

How will you create the object of an abstract class? Objects cannot be created for an abstract class. I want to place the compiled java class files in a directory named DeZyre. How will you do that? What do you understand by mutable and immutable objects? What is the difference between method overloading and overriding in Java? Static binding is used for method overloading as the call to the overloaded method is made during the compile time whereas dynamic binding is used for method overriding as the call to the overridden method is made at run time.

Method overloading requires different argument list to the method whereas in method overriding the argument list has to be same. Method overloading gives better performance over method overriding since the binding of the overloaded methods is done at compile time and not run time.

What happens if you do not provide any package declaration in your java programming code? When no package declaration is specified, java. What is the fundamental difference between shallow copy and deep copy in Java? The default version of the clone method will create a shallow copy of the object. Explain about garbage collection in Java. Where should the package statement appear within a java source code file?

How will you implement multiple inheritance in Java?

How do you achieve abstraction in Java? Is there any root class for all classes declared in a Java program? How can you create a deep copy of the complete java object along with its state? What are the access specifiers available in Java? Java has 4 levels of access specifiers- Private - Variables, methods classes and constructors are visible only to the class.

Popular Java Interview Questions: 20 Pros Share How to Prepare

Protected — Variables, methods classes and constructors are visible to the package and also within all the subclasses. Public - Variables, methods classes and constructors are visible anywhere. Default- Visible to the package and there is no specific keyword to specify this access specifier, it is declared by default. What do you understand by Transient variables in Java? Is it mandatory to have a catch block after every try block in the program code? Under what circumstances is the finally block not executed?

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What is synchronization in Java? Write an indefinite loop in Java. How many objects will be created on executing the following code for creation of a string using the string literal? Can you use an anonymous class to implement an interface and extend another class?

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We know that the garbage collector in Java cleans up memory but still it does not guarantee that program will run out of memory. Can you explain the reason for this? How will you declare a pointer in Java? Java does not support pointers due to reliability and memory leak issues. Can you define a class inside an interface?

Yes but by default the class is static. When trying to catch blocks for these exceptions, is it necessary to follow a particular order for the catch block statements? What will be the initial value of an object reference that is declared as an instance variables?

How to pass a coding interview as an automation developer

In a java program, we usually follow the main method declaration as public static void main. What will happen if I alter the order of public and static declaration for the main method in a java program? What is the base class for Exception and Error in Java? Throwable Can you declare multiple classes in your Java source code file? I have What is the process to compile all the files using a single command line execution instead of compiling each. Write a java line of code to declare a class as protected.

Only methods can be declared as protected in Java and not classes. What is the basic difference between a queue and a stack data structure? The struggle is real. So if debugging is such a critical component, it makes sense that employers should test potential engineers on that skill.

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And taking it a step further, debugging is a composite skill; it combines many other necessary skills. You have to be able to read and interpret code, understand the intended functionality, locate the problem, and write new code that adequately solves it. Debugging ability tells the interviewer a lot about a potential candidate. Reading code is difficult.

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  6. There can be so many dependencies that it is really hard to know what a given function is doing, especially when developing with larger systems. The better you are at understanding code, the faster you will be able to integrate into the company and start making productive contributions. Most organizations also have relatively poorly documented code.

    Being able to use the tools effectively is also a critical skill. There are so many powerful tools at our disposal that it would be a shame not to use them. Ability to use tools well not only shows that you care about efficiency, but is also indicative of a deeper level of past experience. However many seasoned engineers will have plenty of experience using that or one of the many other available debuggers. The key is to focus on the auxiliary skills. This means improving your ability to quickly read and interpret code and learning how to debug code effectively, both with and without debugger tools.

    You may end up in a situation where the only tools available to you are print statements, so make sure you know how to debug without using your favorite tools. To bone up on your debugging skills, learn the common commands for your prefered debugger. This should be the generally preferred debugger for your language. Understand how to get stack traces, view variable values, set breakpoints, and other key techniques.

    Once you have the debugging stuff down, practice reading code. Find an open source project in your language that interests you and start reading. Try to understand exactly what is going on in the code. The ability to read code quickly and accurately will make it way easier for you to pinpoint issues.

    Make sure you understand the entire interview process

    I also highly encourage you to try running the code and adding print statements so that you can more clearly see the control flow. Behavioral interview questions may be the easiest of all the question types listed here. They may also be the hardest. It kinda depends on how comfortable you are talking about yourself. This is where your interviewer gets to probe into the deep recesses of your past experiences. Imagine it like a first date where your date only cares about your work history. This is strictly work talk.

    In reality, behavioral interviews are what most people would consider normal interviews. If you have a recruiter reach out to you asking to chat about a potential job, expect these sorts of questions. Behavioral questions are often used as a way to judge culture fit. Behavioral interview questions primarily ask about your past experience working with teams to determine how you might work with their team.

    Essentially, interviewers use your past experience as an indicator of future behavior. Like System Design and Conceptual interviews, these interviews are also testing how well you communicate. Good communication is critical to an effective organization and interviewers want to see that you are able to communicate your thoughts clearly.

    ACE Your Java Interview ACE Your Java Interview
    ACE Your Java Interview ACE Your Java Interview
    ACE Your Java Interview ACE Your Java Interview
    ACE Your Java Interview ACE Your Java Interview
    ACE Your Java Interview ACE Your Java Interview
    ACE Your Java Interview ACE Your Java Interview

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